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Snow Adventures

Given the choice between the Netflix remote and going outside to play, you can about guess which one's been winning in my house lately.

I can't blame the kids. It's been cold, windy, and I haven't been setting the best example of getting dressed in my winter gear and heading outside with them either. Gone are the days of coming in the house, my cheeks nearly frostbitten, from a day of playing outside in the bitter cold. My brother and I raced to put on our snowpants and coats, ideas flying between us of how we were going to build big snow forts out in our grove. We'd play outside until we were blue, coming in only when our stomachs reminded us how many calories it took to try and maintain a stable body temperature in the arctic Minnesota weather!

It's a little different now. One, my kids have access to a steady stream of their TV favorites. There's no need to sit and wait for your favorite shows to scroll by on the old TV Guide channel! Two, they're jus…

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